PHOTOGRAPHY UPDATE + HotFix (April Update)




PHOTOGRAPHY UPDATE – NOW LIVE! (Changelist included)

Hey Portians!

The newest content update for My Time At Portia is now officially live!

If you have been playing on the 'open_test' branch, you will need to switch back to the default branch in order to update your game. However, don't worry about your save file, this will continue to work once you've switched back.

If you're unsure on how to switch between branches, we have the info for you right here.

If you haven't played on the 'open_test' branch, you won't need to do anything as your game will update as normal.

We recently showed you the new camera feature for My Time At Portia, and we’re very excited to share with you what else is included in this update…

More stories and missions

In this update, we’re adding more story content relating to the bus station, the desert, news camera, and Pa’s debt. We have also added more story and side quests about Phyllis, Ginger, Gust, Paulie, Albert and Emily – but you’ll have to play the game to unravel those stories!

Upgraded riding system

We added the horse renting and riding feature in the last update. We’ve expanded on this so that you will now be able to buy your own horse and train it. We’ve also added other interaction options, and the ability to sprint and jump.

In addition to this, the horses in this update will have different attributes, which can all be improved by training, feeding and petting them. Once you’ve purchased a horse from MacDonald, you’ll need to train them to increase their attributes. While training, you’ll also need to be aware of the loyalty of your horse. Low loyalty will make the horse disobedient. For example, when you dismount and want your horse to follow or stay, a horse with low loyalty will probably go back home. Or, when you are riding and you want the horse to turn left, a horse with low loyalty may turn right, or stop walking altogether! Feed and pet your horse to increase the loyalty number.

Please note: the animation of the horse being disobedient, and the petting will be added in a later update.

Moving and repositioning chests

We’ve had a lot of feedback from the community regarding the ability to move storage boxes by holding them. We’ve added this ability in this update – so you’ll be able to pick up and reposition your storage box without needing to use your axe first!

The most romantic mini game!

Do you remember our first trailer? In the last scene, you and Emily were riding in a hot air balloon, flying across Portia town – so romantic! In this update, you can access the hot air balloon in a new mini-game. Ride with your friends, lovers, or even by yourself. We’ve included 5 routes for you to take and look at the world of My Time At Portia from a different angle.

New hazardous dungeon and abandoned ruins

A new hazardous dungeon named ‘Ingalls Apostrophe’ has been added into the game. Here, you will encounter new monsters. We’ve also added a new abandoned ruins. In this dungeon, you can mine new materials like aluminium and magnesium, and you’ll have a chance to find new relics too!

New mining tool

While we’re on the subject of mining, we have to mention an awesome new mining tool added in this update – the drill. This tool will mine faster than a pickaxe, and can mine more materials too. Everyone loves an upgrade, right?

#MyPortiaArt contest winners

Finally, we’d like to congratulate the winners of our #MyPortiaArt contest again! We picked two winners who created amazing pieces of art, and have added their artwork into the game in this update.

So that’s everything for this update, we hope you enjoy all the new features we’ve added – seeing you all enjoy your experience in My Time At Portia is what we love the most!

Below is a full changelist for this update. Have fun!


The relationship points between the player and NPCs will only decrease a little after breaking up or getting divorced. (This will change back on full release of the game)

Added four main missions, relating to: bus station, desert, news camera, and Pa’s debt.

Added side quest for Phyllis.

Added side quests for Ginger and Gust.

Added side quests for Paulie and Albert.

Added side quest for Emily.

Added main story for the hot air balloon.

Added ability to move furniture by holding them directly.

Added a new hazardous dungeon and new monsters in the desert.

Added a new abandoned ruins and new relics.

Added a new mini-game – ‘Inspection’. There will not be new commissions at the guild on weekends. Workshop points for NPCs will not increase on Sunday.

Added new items, decorations and gifts.

Added electric furnace, and can extract aluminium and magnesium.

Added two semi-automatic machines that can deal with raw materials.

Added two new outfits for players.

Houses can be upgraded to level 3.

Added Irrigation Flooring and Irrigation Tower, and players can exchange items at the Church Store.

Players will receive the letter from the Research Center at the beginning of the second year, with the missing blueprint from the Tree Farm mission attached.

Added NPCs wishlist

Players can change their fences and doors.

Added tips for placing furniture (items cannot be placed facing the wall anymore)

Added four kinds of elite monsters: Poppycock, Vampanda, Courteous Bunny, and Cotton Llama.

Added drill for mining.

Added stable.

Added the icon when dating and having dinner in the restaurant.

Added mini-game for playing/dating – hot air balloon. (Player can also play this alone)

Added camera feature. Player can take photos with NPCs. Taking photos of a monster can unlock the collection feature.

Players can pick up nicknames for their partner after marriage.

Added the reminder feature to the calendar – this can be customized.

New features for the horse riding system:

* Horses can be purchased.
* Horse can jump while riding.
* Stamina of the horse and the player are separate while riding.
* Added sound effects for horse riding.
* Player can improve different attributes of the horses.
* Player can name the horse.

Ack can make multiple dishes at once.

Added sound effects for when NPCs get hit.

Added the behaviour control of player’s spouse in the Home panel settings.

Romantic interactions with other characters will trigger the jealous behaviour of your spouse.

More NPCs will help players doing housework after marriage.

Added new scene sounds.

Added one new winter themed track.

Added the smart follow for camera.

Players can now get divorced.

Added pet names after marriage. Purchase the sweetheart cake from the Mysterious Man to change the pet name.

Added art contest winners artwork into the game.

Optimized the way NPCs collect products.

Optimized the way monsters are generated.

Optimized the model of several buildings and items.

Adjusted the position in hands when holding an item.

Side quests can no longer be discarded.

Adjusted the favor point change after sparring.

Players can date Merlin (but will need to complete specific missions).

The gifts that will change a relationship will not count as regular gifts.

Added a new conversation with Siwa when playing/dating.

Fixed the display error affecting some of the guides.

Fixed the bug preventing marriage with Mei.

Fixed the bug that Mint will not come home after marriage.

Fixed the bug where Lucy and Ack were missing.

Fixed the bug where the Mysterious Man was missing.

Changed the appearance of the flooring and wallpaper.

The mission in Phyllis’ new story can only be triggered after you divorce her.

Adjusted attacking speed of heavy boxer glove and giant hammer.

Added a ‘completed’ tab for the commerce commission.

Adjusted the number of roses for sale – one bunch per day.

Fixed album UI issues.

PHOTOGRAPHY UPDATE – NOW LIVE! (Changelist included)

My Time At Portiaの最新コンテンツアップデートが公式に公開されました!

'open_test'ブランチでプレイしている場合は、ゲームを更新するためにデフォルトブランチに切り替える必要があります。 ただし、保存ファイルについて心配する必要はありません。これは、デフォルトブランチに戻った後も引き続き機能します。




最近、My Time At Portiaの新しいカメラ機能を紹介しました。このアップデートに含まれているものを伝えられることに非常に興奮しています...

More stories and missions
このアップデートでは、the bus station, the desert, news camera, Pa’s debtに関するストーリコンテンツを追加しています。Phyllis、Ginger、Gust、Paulie、Albert、Emilyについてさらに多くのストーリーとサイドクエストを追加しましたが、それらのストーリーを解くためにはゲームをプレイする必要があります。

Upgraded riding system

これに加えて、このアップデートのウマは異なる属性を持ちます。これらの属性はすべて、training, feeding, pettingによって改良することができます。MacDonaldから馬を購入したら、馬を鍛えて属性を増やす必要があります。トレーニング中は、あなたの馬の忠誠心を知っている必要があります。忠誠度が低いと、馬は不服従になります。馬を下りた時に、ついてくるかその場にとどまってほしいのに、忠誠心の低い馬は家に帰ってしまうでしょう。また、乗馬中に左に回りたい場合、忠誠心の低い馬は右に回るか、歩くのをやめてしまうでしょう。


Moving and repositioning chests

The most romantic mini game!
最初の予告編を覚えていますか?最後のシーンでは、あなたとEmilyは熱気球に乗っていて、Portiaの街を飛び回っていました。このアップデートでは、新しいミニゲームで熱気球にアクセスできます。あなたの友人、愛好家、またはあなた自身でライドしてください。別の角度からMy Time At Portia見るための5つのルートを含んでいます。

New hazardous dungeon and abandoned ruins
「Ingalls Apostrophe」という名前の新しい危険なダンジョンがゲームに追加されました。ここで、あなたは新しいモンスターに出会うでしょう。我々はまた、新しいabandoned ruinsを追加しました。このダンジョンでは、aluminiumやmagnesiumのような新しい材料を採掘することができます。新しい遺物を見つけるチャンスがあります。

New mining tool
私たちは採掘について、今回のアップデートで追加された素晴らしいマイニングツール、つまりdrillについて言及する必要があります。このツールは、pickaxeよりも速くマイニングし、より多くのマテリアルもマイニングできます。 誰もがアップグレードを大好きですよね?

#MyPortiaArt contest winners

・4つのメインミッションが追加されました:bus station, desert, news camera, Pa’s debt
・Ginger と Gustのサイドクエストを追加
・Paulie と Albertのサイドクエストを追加
・砂漠にhazardous dungeonとモンスターを追加
・新しいabandoned ruinと遺物を追加
・週末にはCommerce Guildの新しい依頼はありません。NPCの貯めのWorkshop pointsは日曜日には増えません。
・electric furnaceを追加し、aluminiumとmagnesiumを作成することができます
・Irrigation Flooring と Irrigation Towerを追加。Church Storeでアイテムをこうかんすることができます。
・プレイヤーは2年目の初めにResearch Centerから手紙を受け取りますがTree Farm missionの設計図が欠落しています。
・Poppycock、Vampanda、Courteous Bunny、Cotton Llamaの4種類のエリートモンスターを追加。
・playing/dating用のミニゲームを追加- 熱気球(プレイヤーはこれを単独でプレイすることもできます)
・結婚後のペットの名前を追加しました。Mysterious Manからthe sweetheart cakeを購入して、ペットの名前を変更してください。
・art contest winners artworkをゲームに追加
・playing / dating時にSiwaとの新しい会話を追加。
・mysterious manが消える不具合を修正。
・New Phyllis' storyのミッションはあなたが彼女と離婚した後にのみ有効になります。
・heavy boxer gloves と huge hammerの攻撃速度を修正。
・commerce commissionに"Completion" tabが追加。
・販売するバラの数を調整しました。 一日一束です。
・album UIの問題を解消。

Hotfix for The April Update

We've just made some optimisation changes and fixed some issues based on the community feedback we've received so far...


Can change the scene while holding furniture. (For example: You can enter your house whilst holding an item of furniture)

Can exchange badges for chicken earrings and a butterfly hairpin at the game hall in the Round Table.

Added fruit salad and veg salad into the menu.

Condensed power stone can be placed in fire powered generators.

Adjusted the diagram of the well and the printing press.

Salad can be made in blender.

Fixed the bug where players cannot fight with rat king after loading the save.

Fixed the crash when deleting the photos in album.

Adjusted the size of Marble Fence.

Adjusted the number of ingredients in Sophie's Farm Store for sale.

Adjusted the location of the motel. Fixed the bug where the building floats.

Adjusted the size of several items.

Changed the meow voice of pinky.

Adjusted the animation of dismount.

Hotfix for The April Update

Round TableのGame Hallでchicken earringsとbutterfly hairpinを交換することができるようになりました。
・fruit salad と veg saladをメニューに追加しました。
・Condensed power stoneをfire powered generatorsに入れることができるようになりました。
・セーブデータをロードした後にrat kingと戦えないバグを修正。
・Marble Fenceのサイズを調整。
・Sophie's Farm Storeで販売する食材の数を調整。

Hotfix for April Update Part Two

Here comes the hotfix for April update part two.


Adjusted the restore effects of fruit salad.
Added part of the German & French translation.
Adjusted Sanwa's wishlist. Removed one item out of it.
Fixed the crash when playing the dart.
Fixed the crash when fighting with monsters.
Fixed the bug that cannot fight with the minions next to rat princess.
Fixed the display error of glass material.
Adjusted the text in Phyllis proposal mission.
Fixed the bug that the Winter Doll will not show in the list of Recovery Machine.

Hotfix for April Update Part Two


・fruit saladのrestore effectsを調整
・Sanwa's wishlistを調整。 1アイテム削除。
・rat princessの隣のミニオンと戦えないバグ修正
・glass materialのエラー表示を修正
・Phyllis proposal missionのテキストを調整
・Winter DollがRecovery Machineのリストに表示されないバグ修正