HARBOUR UPDATE – NOW LIVE! (Changelist included)


Harbour Updateということで海関連?


The next update for My Time At Portia is here! We’ve upgraded Unity, and recruited some talented writers to help us shape the stories of Portia. In this update, you’ll get to experience more stories and quests, as well other new content including: a level 3 assembly station upgrade, Steam achievement system, and a brand new mount – the colourful llama.

そして新しいコンテンツ:level 3 assembly station upgrade, Steam achievement system,
新しいマウントのthe colourful llamaを含んでいます。

More stories

We recruited eight talented writers to help us, so a lot of new story missions have been added in this update, including some new NPC stories. With more and more stories and conversations being added to the game, the world of Portia has become more abundant, thanks to you guys! We’ve loved hearing player feedback since we first launched the game into Early Access, and we’ll continue to work on more content and optimisations.

Now, a small story sneak peek – in this update, you’ll meet a brand new character! He’s the richest person in the Portia world, and you’ll get to meet him when he visits the town. We don’t want to spoil anything for you, so we’ll let you jump into the game and meet him yourself!



はじめてEarly Accessでゲームを開始して以来

さて、小さな物語の先行説明です - このアップデートでは新しいキャラクターに出会うことでしょう!

Fishing optimisation

We asked you for feedback on the current fishing system in My Time At Portia, and some of you said you found it boring, tough to operate, and not very rewarding. We’ve made some improvements to this in this update. For example, we’ve expanded the range of where the fish will take bait, and added more sound effects. Most importantly though, we’ve increased the rewards! So go get fishing and earn big money!


My Time At Portiaの現在の釣りのステムに関するフィードバックを聞きました。

Smart mining – Ingall’s Mine

We’ve added a handy new feature in this update! You’ll be able to receive mining resources to your supply box everyday from Ingall’s Mine - once you’ve completed the related mission of course! This should be great news for those of you who want to spend less time mining!

Smart mining – Ingall’s Mine

Ingall’s Mineから毎日supply boxに採掘資源を受け取ることができます - 関連ミッションを完了したら!

New workshop features

Level 3 assembly station
This update includes the level 3 assembly station which includes a pretty cool feature – it can automatically assemble machines. So that means you won’t have to assemble machines piece by piece - you’ll just need the raw materials instead.

Level 3 assembly station
このアップデートにはlevel 3 assembly stationの素晴らしい機能が含まれています
- 自動的に機会を組み立てることができます。
つまり、機会を1つずつ組み立てる必要はありません - 代わりに原材料が必要になります。

Level 4 house
Aside from the upgrade for your assembly station, we’ve also added the level 4 upgrade for your house. Not only will this give you a bigger room inside, but you’ll also get a second floor, and a more luxurious appearance!

Level 4 house
assembly stationのアップグレードのほかに、家のlevel 4アップグレードも追加しました。

Storage boxes
We’ve listened to your feedback regarding storage boxes, and how having multiple boxes is inconvenient when trying to locate raw materials to build with. In this update, crafting machines will automatically find the raw materials from your inventory and storage boxes.
We’ve also added a ‘helpers chest’. You’ll be able to craft this new type of storage box so that the helpers in your house (your spouse and Ack) will only use fuel or materials in this chest.
And finally, we’ve made some changes to the wood resource storage box. The products that your helpers collect will be placed into this chest. So you will no longer have to ask for them!

Storage boxes
私たちはstorage boxesに関するフィードバックを聞いており
このアップデートではcrafting machinesがインベントリとstorage boxesから

また、‘helpers chest’も追加しました。
この新しいタイプのstorage boxを作成することができ、

最後に、wood resource storage boxにいくつかの変更を加えました。

Photo frame
Want to make your house more like home? You can now hang your favourite pictures on the wall in your home. So get out there, take some pictures, and add your own personal touch to your home!

Photo frame

Dye the furniture

Time for some customisation fun! Dug up a sofa in the Abandoned Ruins? Not a fan of pink? Doesn’t match your décor? No problem! In this update, you’ll be able to change the colour of the piece of furniture to suit you! How neutral or bright do you want your colour scheme to be?

Abandoned Ruinsのソファーを掘り出しましたか?ピンクは好きではない?インテリアにマッチしませんか?

Language Input Issue
Some players had reported that changing the language input had caused their game to freeze. Thanks to the Unity upgrade, we’ve been able to resolve this and you should not experience this problem after this update.

We’ve added a bunch of other features to make your experience in My Time At Portia more enjoyable, so check out the below changelist for this update.


My Time At Portiaでのあなたの体験をより楽しくするために、他にもたくさんの機能が追加されていますので、


・Added first version of Steam achievement system. Mission related achievements will not unlock if you've already finished the mission. You will need to restart the game and finish that mission again.
・Added new main stories about Higgins, Flying Pigs adventurer Mali, fixing harbor, and long distance bus orders.
・Added missions about Gust and Ginger. Part of mission will only be triggered after marriage.
・Added sewing machine, which can upgrade character's outfit.
・Adjusted the research order and added an option to accelerate the research speed. Players will get the result based on their priority. Handing in more disks can speed up research progress.
・Assembly station can be upgraded to level 3, and can automatically assemble items.
・Home can be upgraded to level 4.
・When crafting items in the worktable, the system will find raw materials automatically from the bag and chests.
・Crafting can help to gain experience. Helper Ack and spouse collecting products can also gain experience.
・Added chests for helpers, so that the helpers can only use the raw materials and fuels from this chest.
・The helper will place all the products they've collected into the chest by the front door.
・Added smart dash in the fighting system. The character can dash to attack the enemy if they're in range.
・Added level 3 hazardous dungeon in desert.
・Added new fighting animation for Sam and Remington.
・Added more products in the inspection mini game.
・Can re-name the workshop at City Hall.
・Added new instructions in the Commerce Guild manual.
・Added attributes of dishes in the cooking recipe.
・Added the annual competition for the builders. The builders in the top three can get rewards from the Commerce Guild. Scores in the ranking system will be reset at the beginning of each year.
・Added consumables that can improve characters attributes permanently.
・Added one more room with several exhibition stands in museum.
・Added new decorations in A&G Construction.
・Added fish tank in museum. Player will get rewards when they collect all kinds of fish, and collect all Emperor fish.
・Added a venom shotgun. It can be crafted in level 2 worktable.
・Added colourful llama as a new ride.
・Can catch colourful llama in the wild.
・Can dye furniture.
・Items can be placed into backpack by pressing 'R' while holding them.
・Added new area - highland.
・Added IK. NPC will face the player when you say hi to them.
・Added more items for Pinky - including scratching board and cat tree.
・Ack will send player a gift on the 20th of each month.
・Added conversations for Mint, Mars, and Mei.
・Added the interaction animation - massage.
・Added item apology bear - to remove jealous status from NPC.
・Added/updated part of NPCs voice acting.
・The shortcut bar selection cursor can cycle through from last slot back to the first slot.
・Added bus route, so players can enjoy the scenery.
・A special UI will pop out when players get a new rare item. And the animation of opening a chest has been removed.
・Added picture frame. Can choose a picture from the album.
・Can change lip color in barber shop.
・Added home log, which will record two days events of helpers.
・Language input is banned while the player is moving.
・Added changelist and credit in the main menu.
NPC can level up.
・Added one summer background music.
・Added light on miner's hat.
・Added the diagram for the water storage in Emily's Well 2.

・Steam achievement systemの最初のバージョンが追加されました。
・新しいメインストーリーHiggins, Flying Pigs adventurer Mali, fixing harbor, long distance bus ordersが追加されました。
・Gust と Gingerについてのミッションが追加されました。ミッションの一部は結婚後にのみ発生します。
・砂漠のevel 3 hazardous dungeonを追加しました。
・inspection mini game(Commerce Guildで土日にやる検査)に更に多くの製品を追加しました。
・City Hallでworkshopの名前を変更することができます。
・Commerce Guildマニュアルに新しい説明が追加されました。
 上位3社のビルダーはCommerce Guildから報酬を得ることができます。
・A&G Constructionに新しい装飾品を追加しました。
・Museumにfish tankを追加。すべての種類の魚を集め、またすべての種類のEmperor fishを集めたときに報酬を受け取れます。
・venom shotgunを追加しました。Level2の作業台で作成することができます。
・新しい乗り物としてcolourful llamaが追加されました。
・野生のcolourful llamaを捕まえることができます。
・新しい地域を追加 - highland
・Pinkyのためのアイテムを追加しました。- cratsching board とcat tree。
・交流のアニメーション -マッサージを追加しました。
NPCからjealous statusを取り除くためのapology bearを追加しました。
・picture frameを追加しました。アルバムから写真を選ぶことができます。
・メインメニューにchangelist と creditを追加しました。
・夏のsummer background musicを1つ追加しました。
・miner's hatに光を追加しました。
・Emily's Well 2のwater storageの設計書を追加しました。


・Fishing system:
・Optimised the fishing UI.
・Added sound effect.
・Adjusted the way the bubble follows the bait.
・Optimised the camera while fishing.
・Adjusted the price of fish.
・Adjusted the earnings from fishing.
・Adjusted the ranking reward in Commerce Guild.
・Adjusted the initial money to 100.
・Re-arranged the buildings and terrain in harbour area.
・Adjusted the maximum distance to capture pictures.
・Adjusted the number of sending gifts to once a day.
・Added tip on the Commerce Guild board showing that no commissions are available at the weekend.
・Changed the trigger time of the mission - Meet the Shop Owners. Has changed to the next day of the workshop registration.
・The camera can move horizontally while upgrading the house.
・Mailbox will show the number of unread and read.
・Optimized the movement when placing the furniture.
・Any choice under Interact icon will not cost any stamina.
・Dye can now be made in the blender instead of at the worktable.
・Adjusted the location of dating while riding the horse.
・Moved the bus stop from hazardous dungeon front door to research center front door.
・Increased the sales price of the farm products.



・Commerce Guildのランキング報酬を調整しました。
・harbour areaの建物と地形を再配置しました。
・週末に報酬の金額がないことを示すCommerce GuildボードのTipsに追加しました。
・Meet the Shop Ownersのミッションのトリガーの時間を変更しました。workshop登録の翌日に変更されています。
・Interact iconの選択肢はスタミナを消費しません(たぶんPinkyのPetとかのこと)
・バス停をhazardous dungeonの正面から research centerの正面に移動しました。


・Fixed the bug that the dialogue box will pop up continuously after the inventory is full.
・Fixed the bug that when opening camera mode while petting, the icon of pet's mood will stay on the screen.
・Hid the icon of mailbox and resource storage in cutscene.
・Fixed the bug that players cannot send any gifts when on a date or playdate.
・Adjusted Paulie's location when he is star gazing.
・Fixed the bug that the players might get stuck in the dungeon.
・Fixed the bug that the character might disappear. If that happens again, please let us know. Thank you.
・Removed the string in the middle of the screen while dashing.
・Fixed the bug that Dr. Xu and Lucy might disappear.
・Fixed the bug that fixing stable mission will expire.
・Fixed the bug that after completing the mission The Poisoned Water, part of NPCs will still have stomach aches.
・Fixed the display error in the mission details (when the mission needs alpaca hair but shows fluffy pendant).

カットシーン中のmailboxとresource storageのアイコンを隠しました。
・Dr. XuとLucyが消えてしまうバグを修正。
・fixing stable missionが期限切れになるバグを修正
・mission The Poisoned Waterが完了した後にNPCの一部が胃の痛みを訴えるバグを修正。
・ミッションの詳細の表示エラーを修正しました。(ミッションでalpaca hairを必要しているが、fluffy pendantと表示される)

Hotfix for Harbour Update

Venom Dart can be crafted from Comprehensive Grinder
Added new animations when interactive with Llama.

Increased time limited for Ingall's Mine Upper Level as well as most of the Hazardous Ruins
Adjusted Initial distance for Charged Attack
Increased Triple Barrel Snakebite’s stats, now level 3 worktable is needed to craft Triple Barrel Snakebite.
Increased the possibility to tame a Llama, Trap Box's location is more noticeable.
Increased the drop rate of the Advanced Engine.
Can get the diagram of construction cranes even the mission build the museum is incomplete.
Decreased the drop rate of the disks.

Bug caused by Marble Street Light.
Create new game did not unlock mission achievements
Bug caused by interactive with horse, added
Bug caused by bus.
Sometimes Gust did not show up for date.
Bug caused by return to main menu.
Can get mineral ores when fishing.
Fixed the wrong text of the source for Dye.
Fixed the display error on the diagram of the lift.

・Venom DartはComprehensive Grinderで作成できます。

・Ingall's Mine Upper LevelおよびHazardous Ruinsのタイムリミットが増加しました。
・Charged Attackの初めの距離を調整
・Triple Barrel Snakebite’s 統計値が増加しました。Triple Barrel Snakebiteを作るためにlevel 3 worktableが必要です。
・Llamaをティムする確率を増加し、Trap Boxの位置が目立つようになりました。
・Advanced Engineのドロップ率を増加。
・build the museumのミッションが完了していなくてもconstruction cranesの設計図を得ることができます。

・Marble Street Lightが原因となるバグ修正。
・Main Menuに戻ることが原因となるバグ修正。

Hotfix No.2 for Harbor's Update

Fixed the bug when completing an achievement but the achievement still shows as locked.
Fixed the animations when interacting with the llama.
Fixed the bug that players cannot ride to tame a new mount.
Fixed the bug causing the exit of Ingall's Mine level 3 to be blocked.
Fixed the bug preventing the favor points of Antoine and Presley from increasing.
Fixed the character display error in some cutscenes.
Players can get the lift control diagram in the western highland mission. If you have already completed the mission but did not get the diagram, you will get it the next day.
Added cumin in Farm Store

・Ingall's Mine level 3から出ることを妨げる不具合を修正。
・Antoine と Presleyの有効度が増えるのを妨げる不具合を修正。
・プレイヤーはlift controlの設計図をwestern highland missionで入手できます。
・Farm Storeにcuminを追加。