From today onwards you’ll be able to keep and look after your own animals, including sheep, chicken, ducks and cows! Look after them well and they’ll reward you with milk and eggs, and you’ll even be able to breed them! What’s more, we’ve also added horse riding to the game! Head to MacDonald’s farm and you’ll be able to enjoy a horse ride alone or with that special someone if you’ve been lucky enough to find a romantic partner.

MacDonald’s farmに向かってください。そこで、一人で、またはロマンチックなパートナーを見つけることができていれば、特別な人と一緒に乗馬を楽しむことができます。


Portia’s brand-new museum is nearly open for business! Starting with this update, there’s a new story mission to help build the museum. Once you’ve done that, you can then start adding your donations!

Any relics you’ve discovered can be donated here, to be displayed for future Portian generations to enjoy, and you’ll even get paid for your trouble!

The Portia Museum also believes in credit where it’s due, so if you’re the first resident to donate an item then your name will be listed as the donator when checking the relics at the Museum.

What wonders will you add to the exhibitions? Make sure to share your screenshots with us on Steam and on social media so we can see what you’ve found!

Portiaの新しい博物館はビジネスのためにほぼOpenしました!今回のアップデートから博物館の建設を手伝うstory missionが追加されました。これを完了すると、寄付できるようになります!

Portia Museumでは信頼しクレジットをそこに明記します。



Head out to Portia’s new desert area and you’ll find lots of new gameplay to discover. There’s a brand new dungeon to explore, with enemies to fight and relics to be found, as well as several new crafting quests!

を発見することができるでしょう。探検可能な新しいダンジョンや戦う敵、遺物が見つかるはずです。そして新しいいくつかのcrafting questがあります。


We’ve made a few improvements to the relationship system in this update, including the option to kiss or hug your significant other anywhere in Portia.

We’ve also added a new mini-game based around star gazing. Look to the skies at night and you and your partner can draw constellations among the stars and enjoy the romantic moment.

今回のアップデートで、relationship systemを少し改善しました。




* Desert story mission
* Windbreak mission
* Museum building mission
* Four kinds of animals which can be raised on your farm
* Horse riding has been added. You can rent a horse in this update. The ability to keep, raise and ride your own horses will be added in a later update.
* New machines: recycling machine and recovery machine
* New dating feature: Chatting in the meadow
* New dating feature: Stargazing
* New mini game: Snowball fight
* New interactions: Hug and kiss
* Cat bed for Pinky
* The Museum: Assembled relics can be displayed in the museum, and relic pieces can be exchanged here
* New UI interface and new feature for workshop upgrade - workshop can be relocated
* A resource box outside the front of your workshop. After completing the Tree Farm mission, resources will be sent to the resource box
* Upgrade for Relic Scanner: Once upgraded to level two, it can show three spots at the same time, and outline the shape
* New shops: MacDonald’s and Toddy’s
* The aquarium now features hints regarding the status of fish
* Dates can ride on the same horse as the Player
* Two new background music tracks - spring and autumn.
* Your spouse can sit on a chair at home
* If the player marries Emily, she will help on the farm after marriage
* Some NPCs will help change wallpapers after marriage
* Recipe notes for the cooking set
* New dungeon in the desert, and three new monsters in this area
* New items in Emily’s store during Winter Solstice: Cinnamon, Palm Jujube, and Firefish
* Once married, the player will break up with all other NPCs
* Chicks and chickens will help Emily during sparring
* Players can now date Paulie
* Optimized the confession, proposal, and break up features. Decreased the NPC options. These events will only be triggered by sending the correct gifts – heart knot to confess, wedding ring to propose, and thorns to break up
* Assembly station can be upgraded to level 2
* With the opening of the second-stage assembly platform, the size of many items is still being adjusted.
* Players cannot confess to other NPCs once married
* Player will receive a reward after the dungeon is cleared for the first time
* New weapon: hammer and supporting attack
* New weapon: lion claw boxing gloves and supporting attack
* NPCs can visit the relics in the player’s yard
* A good relationship with Gale will decrease the price of the farmland, and a good relationship with Django will decrease the prices in the game center
* New farmland for sale
* Second floor now available for the workshop

・Desert story mission
・Windbreak mission(風よけ・・・なのでTreeFarm関連?)
・Museum building mission
・New machines: recycling machine と recovery machine
・New dating feature: Chatting in the meadow(草原でおしゃべり)
・New dating feature: Stargazing(天体観測)
・New mini game: Snowball fight(雪合戦)
・New interactions: Hug and kiss
・Cat bed for Pinky(Pinkyにベッド)
・The Museum:博物館には遺物が展示され、交換することができます。
・New UI interfaceとworkshop upgradeの新機能-workshopの再配置が可能に。
・リソースボックスがあなたのWorkshopの前に。the Tree Farm missionを完了後、リソースはリソースボックスに送られます。
・Upgrade for Relic Scanner:1度レベル2にアップグレードすると、同時に3か所のスポットを表示することができ、アウトラインを表示できます。(鉱山のサーチの話)
・New shops: MacDonald’s and Toddy’s
・2つの新しいbackground music tracks - spring and autumn.
・Cooking Setのレシピノート
冬至の時期のみ New items in Emily’s store:Cinnamon, Palm Jujube, Firefish
・confession, proposalを最適化し、機能を分割します。NPC optionを減らしました。これらのイベントは正しい贈り物をすることによってのみ引き起こされます。- 告白するためのハートの絆、プロポーズの結婚指輪と壊すためのとげ
・Assembly stationをLevel2にアップグレードできます。
・2段階目のassembly platformを開くと多くのアイテムサイズは調整中です。
・ New weapon: hammer and supporting attack
・New weapon: lion claw boxing gloves and supporting attack


* Cancelled the production limit of the worktable. Increased the production upper limit of the furnace
* Optimized the logic of Ack helping to add fuel and collect materials
* Brightened the view when the player is mining in the Abandoned Ruins
* In the gift interface, the ‘next page’ button will not appear if all the gifts are on one page
* Dart game changed to darts turntable game
* Fixed camera issues
* Some relics have become unique
* Optimized the lag when too many furnaces are placed
* A level 2 assembly station is now needed to build the waterwheel
* Modified the relationship with some NPCs (they will not become a Nemesis or Adversary)
* The dating spot and playing spot in the restaurant has a new layout
* Changed the location of the seesaw
* Increased the chance of triggering the play/date option with NPCs
* Increased the requirement for confession (will need 400 favour points) Increased the required favour points for several dating events
* Increased the appearance rate of mysterious room in Abandoned Ruins
* Adjusted the attack frequency of several monsters
* Missions changed to side quests: ‘The Leaky Roof’, ‘The Broken Clock’, ‘Leaking Pipe’, and ‘The Farmer’
* Adjusted the colour of the attack display
* Adjusted the logic of price changes
* Can place furniture on carpet
* Adjusted the size and location of furniture

・Giftのインターフェイスでは、すべてのgiftが1ページに収まる場合は‘next page’ボタンは表示されません
Dart gameをdarts turntable gameに変更
・waterwheelを建設するにはレベル2のassembly stationが必要です
・いくつかNPCとの関係を変更(彼らはNemesis or Adversaryにはならない)
・告白の要件の増加(400 favour points必要になった)。いくつかのデートイベントに必要なfavour pointsの増加。
・Abandoned Ruinsのmysterious roomの出現率の増加
・ミッションからサイドクエストに変更: ‘The Leaky Roof’, ‘The Broken Clock’, ‘Leaking Pipe’, and ‘The Farmer’
・attack displayの色を調整

Bug Fixes…

* Fixed the bug when mining upward
* Fixed the bug preventing players from starting another date with an NPC once they have ended a previous date
* Optimized the English voice acting for Jack
* Controller support to play slots. Added controller guidance
* Fixed the configuration error when giving gifts
* Optimized the conversations, animations, and facial expressions when the player gives gifts to Ginger
* Fixed a problem that triggered dining events in non-dining rooms during play/appointments in certain situations
* Fix the problem that the NPC will fall when playing the seesaw
* Fixed the bug in store


・Controllerのplay slotsのサポート。controller guidanceの追加。
・dining eventが特定の状況でplay/appointments中にダイニングルーム以外でトリガーとなる問題を修正